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These photos show a couple of VHF Bandpass filters that are described in this latest update.    The filters are the work of Farhan, VU2ESE, and Bob, K3NHI.  Go to the section below on "QST Articles" and proceed to the section related to the 1998 Spectrum Analyzer.   Then look for the article that talks about avoiding the exotic/expensive capacitors.   Or just click on one of the photos above.      

EMRFD errata and related background and support information.
(7 Jan 15) 
Notes regarding QST Articles (10Nov14)
Hikes&Backpacking (11Oct14)  
Shack + People and History

Note:  We have recently removed some content from this web page.   The sections eliminated were those that (a) produced little if any interest or response and (b) offered no more than personal history with little relevance to what folks do today. 
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