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These figures depict my first efforts with a serious solid-state station
, more than a half century ago.   This station was first put on the air in February, 1963.   The left photo shows the 7 MHz rig as it appeared in the August 1964 issue of QST Magazine.  The box with the large tuning knob is the receiver,  a solid state superhet using Germanium transistors.    The crystal controlled transmitter,  the lower box,  ran 1 W output from 2N696 Silicon transistors with a double-pi output network that would match about any antenna.   Batteries were internal to both units.   The right photo shows the station as it appeared in 1965 while being used for Field Day in the Sierra Nevada.    This version had an updated transmitter with external battery and about 3W output.  

The other day I climbed into our garage attic and discovered the remains of this rig.     Little was left, for it had been mined for parts to be used in other equipment.     But the memories are intact.  

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